Utilizing the Sidebar

Did you know that swiping the left side of the screen above or below the row of icons switches sidebar modes?

Below are some screenshots and explanations of what each sidebar does.

Missions Sidebar:

This shows current missions that are active at a quick quick glance. Simply tap an icon to cause the leaf to pop out, and tapping the leaf takes you to that mission’s details in the Journal. Each icon represents a different type of mission. For instance, main story missions are signified with a book icon. Note: If you want to see other active missions, you can also open the Journal by swiping from the right side of the screen. In the Journal, you can even drag & drop missions to choose what shows up in the Missions Sidebar!

As seen in this image, there are a few active missions and tapping on one shows you more detail.

Minigames Sidebar:

Take a break from ranching your fish and try out our minigames.

Currently, Stewart Says is in the top slot and Bumper Fish is in the middle slot. Who knows if one day another game might show up in the third slot?


Social Sidebar:

If you’re a social player the next bar is all about being friendly. Tap the top icon to cause a leaf to pop out, showing you a player’s name. You can visit that player’s tank by tapping on the leaf. Similarly, the middle icon allows you to quick accept friend invites and gifts by tapping on the leaf. You can dismiss friend invites by tapping on the icon again after a leaf pops out. The bottom icon takes you to the Social Menu, where you can view all of your friends, encounters, and people you know through Game Center and Facebook that both have and don’t have TouchFish. In this menu you can selectively invite friends, visit their tanks, send them gifts, and request gifts.