Check out Pocket Gamer's interview about TouchFish!

Recently Pocket Gamer sat down with TouchFactor founder Julian Eggebrecht and talked about why he decided to move from the hardcore console space to iOS. He talks about why it makes perfect sense to utilize the power of a touch interface to engage players on a more personal level, and why iOS has the muscle to pull off some amazing effects. As he puts it:

“Volumetric lighting makes really advanced, and realistic, lighting possible. Sun-rays being thrown through water and refracted and reflected onto the underwater world – and all that in realtime, taking the density of the water, and even clarity into account.”

He also goes on to talk about TouchFish’s unprecedented Twitch integration:

“You can stream your tank via Twitch, and switch on the back camera as a background (or the front cam for that matter), and use your tank as a virtual stage or studio to broadcast yourself to the world.”

Finally, he even teases a possible upcoming feature that will surely blow the minds of dedicated TouchFish players:

“Imagine BuddyFish having children, and those children having a virtual genetic DNA that is being created in realtime thanks to Apple’s Metal technology. Truly unique, but somewhat deterministic children that pass on their DNA to future generations, so just as in real evolution, features can be bred in or out.”

There are a few more interesting bits to be found in the entire article here: