Movie quality virtual pets in a build-your-own-world social experience like no other.

BuddyFish in Your Pocket

  • Your game experience travels along with you across all of your iOS devices. Your Buddies are always by your side!

Intuitive Multi-Touch World Building

  • Decorate and craft worlds for dozens of fish species, and for your Buddies. Browse from a wide selection of plants, creatures, and decorative items.
BuddyFish in Your Pocket

Here’s Looking at You

  • Magical emotional engagement. Your Buddies can see how you feel, and change their behaviors in response to you!

Grow Your Family

  • Feed, nurture, raise and sell over 50 types of fresh and saltwater fish. Watch them explore your world as it changes around them.

Movie Quality

  • 3D characters and environments look amazing, and provide a deep level of emotional immersion for players!

Your World in Your Hands

  • Small or large screen, portrait or landscape orientation, your experience responds automatically & naturally to how you want to play across all of your devices!

Gorgeous Native Retina Display

  • TouchFish takes advantage of every pixel of the Retina Display to bring you a stunning High Definition experience in both landscape & portrait modes!

Revolutionary Camera Features

  • Bring your live living room into the world you build. Move your head to see every angle, even from a distance.

Magical Adventures

  • With Stewart the Starfish as your guide, go on adventures guaranteed to make you laugh and smile.

You & Your BuddyFish

  • Teach your Buddies more than 35 tricks, and play Mini Games like Bumper Fish – an exciting physics-based action puzzler!

Play, Watch & Share

  • Take your BuddyFish on playdates to visit friends’ worlds, teach their Buddies tricks, exchange gifts, and watch your friends’ Buddies grow up. Take photos & videos of your world, apply your style, and share them with friends.

Stream Your World

  • Broadcast, hang out, and share your world with AirPlay and Twitch.

TouchFish uses Bluetooth Low Energy to allow BuddyFish to discover and play with each other locally.